Best Practices

​YouTube is the #1 source of shared video globally, with over 4 billion videos being viewed every day. YouTube is available on basically every Internet connected device with a screen. The company was bought by Google in 2006, and has been making advances in social technology since day one. In the New Media world, YouTube is often used as an integrated medium as well as its own promotional entity. Take advantage of this versatile platform by cross-promoting YouTube videos on your brand’s website, social networks and monthly newsletters.  If your brand is campaigning to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, aim to upload at least one new video per week; if not, adding one video to your channel per month will suffice. If you are not already, make your brand a YouTube partner by following the process outlined at

YouTube Rules
Post at Least One Video Per Month
YouTube is one of the greatest social tools at your brand’s disposal. Post video content to YouTube as often as you want without ignoring the platform. Whenever you are attempting to drive fan engagement and get more views on YouTube, you should be posting a video at least once per week. This can be either uploading your own video content, or adding another user's video from YouTube to your favorites list.
Claim Brand Content
YouTube is a great monetization platform for brands. Protect your brand I.P. by claiming your video content and enabling Content ID on YouTube. YouTube will do the hard work of look for content that is your intellectual property, and either remove or monetize the content in violation.
Cross Promote YouTube Videos Across All Platforms
Use YouTube as your video hub for your audience across all platforms. Wherever you want to share video, start with YouTube and send a link. This allows you to virally share your content while keeping view statistics on a single social platform.
Create Playlists for Video Uploads by Category
Use playlists to organize content on your channel by category. Fans who visit your YouTube channel will be more likely to interact with video content that is organized into categorized lists.
Add Fan Videos to Favorites
YouTube is an amazing social platform because fan generated content naturally adds value and clout to your brand presence on YouTube. Brands are able to take this a step further by adding fan videos to their “Favorites” playlist and encouraging fans to create good content.
Learn How to Be a YouTube Creator
Channels are where a user’s youtube videos are broadcasted.