Best Practices

​Twitter is the world’s foremost microblogging platform, and is rapidly becoming the world’s premiere source for real-time news and information. A microblog is a message with a limited number of characters. It can consist of a short sentence or sentence fragment, a link, an image, or even a video. Microblogging allows users to post content more frequently and with less detailed information keeping the content and information shared on Twitter more relevant than traditional communication outlets. Microblog posts on Twitter are called “Tweets,” and are limited to 140 characters. Twitter is also categorized as a social network. Twitter users are able to choose whom they “follow” and therefore curate their list of real-time content and information. Brands on Twitter should make it a goal to post at least three tweets per day. Out of those 21 tweets per week minimum, 15-20 should be personal/human/actual tweets and only 1-7 should be promotional (proportionally). Fans are more likely to engage with a message that sounds "real" rather than promotional, so once there is something to promote, you will already have their interest and can therefore promote yourself more effectively. Tweet Consistently. Depending on the size of your brand, your name may get you fans, but your conversations will keep them. Followers want to feel that their voice is being heard. Users are not forced to read and respond to tweets from your brand, so be sure to engage them personally when they do.

Twitter Rules
Tweet Consistently
Consistency is the key to building a dedicated Twitter following. You are not going to grow to 1,000 followers overnight. But if you tweet consistently and tweet good content you will be on your way to establishing your brand on Twitter.
Post At Least Three Tweets Per Day, No Maximum
Tweeting frequently is just as important as tweeting good content. Build brand awareness by having a constant presence on the feeds of your Twitter followers.
Post 70-99% Personal Tweets
Keep it personal. Twitter is a place where fans wish to interact with sentiments straight from their favorite artists, athletes, personalities and other brands. There is little point in having a Twitter account if your are not planning on facilitating personal interactions with fans of your brand.
70-99% of Tweets Contain Links, Photos, #Hashtags and @Replies
Encourage engagement as much as possible. Twitter followers respond to calls to action. #Hashtags, links, and @Replies are great ways to inform and engage your audience on a regular basis.
Respond To At Least One @Reply Per Day
@Replying to your audience is a great way to keep followers engaged with your brand. Fans perceive a large amount of intangible value when they are tweeted by their favorite brands. @Replying to a fan is essentially a badge of ambassadorship; your brand is publicly recognizing the fan for properly representing your brand in a way that caused a response.
Always Post Shortened Links
Either manually shorten your links with services like and or ensure that the Twitter App/Platform you are using will automatically shorten links when they are posted properly. This is proper Twitter etiquette, and it frees up space in your 140 characters to communicate with followers.
Tweet from Mobile
This almost goes without being said. Twitter was created with a mobile world in mind. Use Twitter on your smartphone, use it while you are out in the world experiencing things. Take advantage of this versatile platform and discover new and interesting stuff to share with your audience.
An Introduction to Mastering Twitter
"#" Hashtag
A #hashtag is a keyword you are referencing within the context of a tweet, by placing the character...