Best Practices

​Topspin was originally created as a direct-to-fan sales solution for musicians and bands. The Topspin platform has since evolved into the ultimate tool for developing profitable, entertaining, and sustainable relationships with fans. The key to using Topspin successfully is knowing what you are getting into before you start. Topspin allows brands to begin making a profit even at early stages of their life-cycle. All brands need an audience to use Topspin correctly. If you don’t have an existing audience: Mailing List Subscribers, Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, YouTube Viewers; read and implement best practices for building up your audience from other sections of the New Media Rules of Engagement. Once you have an audience, the Topspin platform is your fast track to profit.

For brands to successfully campaign using Topspin, they must leverage their audience as a sales tool. Use Topspin Email for Media (E4M) widgets to funnel potential fans into your audience with incentives.  All promotions involving Topspin should have an E4M call to action allowing users to exchange their email for free media form the artist, even if the artist is also selling products & content as a part of the same promotion; i.e. If you are selling a new album as a Topspin campaign, give away the single for free in exchange for user emails. Build your marketing campaigns around the Topspin technology and promote them socially.

Topspin Rules
Import & Build Your Mailing List With Topspin
The Topspin direct-to-fan marketing platform is a powerful, inclusive sales tool that powers fan engagement. Build your mailing list with Topspin and develop special offers to activate and engage fans on your mailing list. Exclusive offers and direct-to-fan communications will promote healthy revenue streams and fan engagement.
Create & Implement E4M Offers Across Web Presence
Implement E4M offers on your entire digital presence, including: Facebook, Website, YouTube, Newsletter, and Blog when possible. Topspin’s flexible HTML5-built widgets are sharable and accessible; harvest valuable fan interactions with E4M offers.
Promote Topspin Development With Campaigns
Whenever your brand implements a new Topspin storefront or promotes a new product through Topspin, organize your launch within the context of a marketing campaign. Structure a newsletter blast, Facebook and Twitter posts, and branded URL; e.g.
Incentivize Everything/Gate Free Content (E4M, Membership)
This two-tiered rule is symbiotic and necessary. Incentivize and goal, action or result desired from fans and you have won half of the battle; gate free content (incentive) and you have a formula for built-in conversions. The incentive/gate combination is a happy medium between fair trade (transaction) and unfair trick (manipulation). Both parties can walk away satisfied and rewarded.
Let Your Fans Pay
This rule may seem like a juxtaposition in the context of direct-to-fan relationships, but the goal of building a dedicated fan-base is to let your fans be your livelihood. When fans are dedicated enough to pay large sums of money for your music, live performances and the overall experience of fan-hood, let them pay.
Bundle Creatively, Bundle Often
The direct-to-fan business model creates an open environment for added value. Augment the traditional customer transaction with direct-to-fan exclusive added-value. Bundle music with merchandise; over-deliver with “free” stickers and personalized thank-yous. Bundle like your fan relationships on it.
Reward The Fans Who Pay
Say “thank you.” Let your fans know that you need them and you appreciate their support in a special way. Give your dedicated fans free and exclusive stuff. Reward fans for their dedication and build relationships that will continue to support you 20 years from now.
Release Your Next Album With Topspin
If you can ink a flexible distribution deal, release your new album direct-to-fan and incentivize purchases with supplementary merchandise and swag. Create a release campaign and set a goal of getting 25% of your audience to purchase your new release direct via Topspin.
How to Manage and Analyze Your Fans on Topspin
Digital Packages
A digital package bundles your varied digital assets. Audio tracks, movies, images and more can be...