Search Engine Optimization
Best Practices

​SEO is perhaps the most interesting category of online branding because of its high value for brands. Although many options for driving traffic to websites exist (Ads, Promotions, Partner Referrals), the most useful, effective and common source of traffic (other than direct) is search engine referral. Every day millions of users are interacting with Google, Bing, and other search platforms, looking for answers to their queries. It is the responsibility of those who hold the answers to make their answers readily available and relevant to users. SEO is the practice of branding across the Internet in a consistent and relevant manner, so that searchable information can be found with little or no effort by the interested party. SEO has become so important that web developers have developed techniques to keep their properties and content relevant by mapping clear and concise methods of communication between search data miners like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is Google’s job to keep search results relevant to search terms and it is the job of the web property holder to make their property wrought with search terms relevant to target audiences.

Search Engine Optimization Rules
Use Tools to Research Relevant Search Terms
Identify your audience and research their language, interests, topics & tastes. Use your research to generate a list of search terms that will allow your audience to identify and understand your brand.
Cross-Pollinate Web Properties
Link your website to other properties in your digital presence whenever possible. This includes your blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, and any other social accounts.
Focus Vocabulary
Strengthen your branding by developing a universal vocabulary for your brand. Use words from this vocabulary to describe your brand, keeping your SEO and brand presence focused across platforms.
“Pull-Rank” on Competitors
Identify your competition online, hijack their keywords and beat them in search ranking.
Brand Dynamically
Brand your SEO dynamically by participating in conversations on social platforms. Associate your brand with trending topics and gain visibility in shifting digital landscapes.
Brand Locally
Create brand visibility by attaching your brand to physical locale online. Most search engines will yield local results along with global results, so supply the information necessary to associate your brand with physical locations.
Basics for Researching Ideal Keywords
Set of factors and rules by which search engines determine relevance to compile their SERP rankings.