Mailing List
Best Practices
​Anything and everything can be included in a mailing list blast, especially special event dates and pre-sale promotions for "super-fans." Brands are able to curate newsletter content and succinctly communicate what they want audiences to hear most. It is important to keep things simple and easy to read. Link rich media content to landing pages. Ensure that all campaign-related rich media links to a landing page for that specific campaign. New products, sales, discounts and promo codes are great examples of "exclusive mailing list content.” Subscribers are expecting to receive these types of promotions and announcements in brand newsletters.
Mailing List Rules
Send Blasts Once a Month (Twice a Month Max)
Manage your mailing list for active engagement. A mailing list is a direct line of communication between brand and audience. Take advantage of these one-to-one communications by sending blasts to your brand’s mailing list at lease once a month.
Link Media with Call To Action
All media referenced in eNewsletters should link out to rich media on an interactive platform. Images should link to the same image on your Facebook or Website. Videos should be image screenshots that link to YouTube.
Web/Social Links in Footer (Header Optional)
Treat your newsletter like a microsite. Make it easy for your fans to socially engage your brand by adding social and website links to the header or footer of your eBlasts.
Post All Major Updates To Mailing List
Send out every big announcement as a mailing list blast. Your dedicated audience will be happy to have the news available to them first.
Track and Respond To Metrics
Use available mailing list metrics to craft your next campaign.
Compare Metrics to Balance Content
Engage In Regular Mailing List Growth Campaigns
A Warm Welcome to MailChimp!
The amount of click thrus are the best way to understand audience engagement online.