Best Practices
LinkedIn is the world’s foremost professional social network. Linked offers users and companies unique opportunities to engage one another in a safe, professional environment online. Before getting started with your company profile, create and complete your personal profile. Polish your profile, make connections, and perhaps even post your resumé to keep it handy. Let your personal profile speak to your benefit and the benefit of your employer. It will give your company a personal face and allow you to edit your company’s profile.  Use the employer link on your personal profile to find out if the company has an existing Linkedin page. If the company profile already exists, you will need to be given administrator access by a co-worker with access to the company page. If your company cannot be found on LinkedIn create the page using your company email, following the instructions for registration.
LinkedIn Rules
Claim Your Company Account
Ensure that you have admin access to the Company profile. Odds are that the profile already exists through LinkedIn and you will need to gain access through an admin co-worker.
Setup and Brand Your Company Profile
Complete your company profile by uploading a header image and logo along with your basic company info.
Gain Traction Through Products
Build your company presence on LinkedIn by posting products with some of your recent projects and services.
Post Careers When Available
Linkedin has distinguished itself as a professional social network. As such, it is the first place that people turn when looking to update their resume and attractiveness to employers. You are sure to find qualified work candidates on Linkedin.
Post Monthly Updates
LinkedIn is not meant to be a daily active network for companies. However, staying active on LinkedIn presents opportunities for employers to set themselves apart from the competition by acknowledging the importance of regular updates.
Hero Image
Add a great hero image to showcase what your company is about and welcome people to your page.
Add Follow Us Button
Add this so LinkedIn users can easily follow you!
What is LinkedIn?
A contact you know personally and who you trust on a professional level. Once you are connected to...