Best Practices
​Setting up a Kickstarter account is quick and painless. Once users are registered with Kickstarter, they are able to back other projects in the Kickstarter community or apply to launch projects of their own. Before beginning a project on Kickstarter, review the Kickstarter project guidelines and build your project to overcome the challenges of the “all or nothing” funding model.  
Kickstarter Rules
Start with a Project
An idea is only as good as its execution. Turn your idea into a project with goals and rewards before you bring it to Kickstarter.
Follow the Kickstarter Project Guidelines
These guidelines are the initial filter for potential Kickstarter projects, you can read and study the Kickstarter Project Guidelines on
Reward with Value
Your project will have benefits and perks for participants. Identify these benefits and offer them to your backers with a little something extra as added value.
Make a Pro Video
First impressions are everything, make the most of them with an exciting and engaging video. Projects with videos have a 50% success rate, while projects without videos are only successful 30% of the time.
Let the Image Sell the Project
When choosing and producing a project image, make something as specific to your product as possible. Consumers are drawn to professional-looking assets. Be sure to incorporate your product or project core and fonts or logo into the product image.
Tweet Your Description
Yes literally, but also think in terms of selling your project on Twitter in 140 characters or less. Kickstarter only allows your 135 Characters, so start with what description would make you click a link on Twitter.
Connect with Real People
Bring your Kickstarter campaign out of the digital world and into the physical world by leveraging local resources like the press, media, local events and even friends and family. Focus your energy on finding like-minded individuals who will champion your project.
Mind Your Margins
The goal is not just to successfully fund your projects, but also to make money and give your project a future, to do that you will need more than capital, but money is a great place to start.
An Introduction to Kickstarter
All-or-nothing funding
All Kickstarter projects are based upon this core idea. If a project receives its funding goal,...