Best Practices
​First, take the time to evaluate your social presence and ensure that taking on an Instagram account will be beneficial for your brand’s social strategy. For example, if your brand has issues updating your Twitter account on a daily basis, perhaps it is not the time to get started on Instagram. Although the platform is growing into a social media giant, cementing your brand presence on Instagram requires cross-promotion on your brand’s other social platforms. However if you are restarting your brand’s digital presence from scratch, then instagram is a great way to create storied content for Twitter and Facebook along with text posts and editorial content being distributed on those networks. Position yourself for success on Instagram by creating your account with your brand name, or the name of a popular product/service associated with your brand. Doing so will make your Instagram presence discoverable, while making your content more reliable. Take your time to research your brand’s new environment on Instagram. Search for #hashtags associated with your brand, competitors and industry and get to know what types of content are driving engagement and conversation. Follow your competitors and industry influencers, take note of their photos and their conversations on Instagram. Once you get the lay of the land, shift your focus to posting initial content and engaging in conversations on your account and others. Like, Comment, and post #hashtags on posts that you like. Engaging users like this will begin to grow your Instagram following.
Instagram Rules
Evaluate That You Belong on Instagram
Does your brand want to be on Instagram? Does your brand’s audience use Instagram? Does your brand have daily opportunities to create valuable photographic content via Instagram? If you answered yes to all three of these questions you belong on Instagram. Get started by following the Rules and Best Practices for Instagram.
Post At Least One Photo Per Day
Post at least one Instagram per day and maintain the same posting consistency for optimal audience growth.
Care About Quality
Photography is an artistic profession. Taking on an Instagram account for a brand is an important opportunity to showcase your brand’s style and sensibility and to do so with a passion. Create quality images for Instagram and spend time editing, tagging and describing photos.
Geotag Posts
Most industries have big community events, and seasons. Take advantage of your industry’s heightened media awareness by attaching your brand’s instagrams to events. Tagging your location also allows users to find your account in instagram search.
Create a Branded Hashtag
Funnel user-generated content into your brand’s social presence by Instagramming with a branded #hashtag. Create a simple, related hashtag and attach it to all of your brand’s instagrams. This will inform users of your presence in Instagram and give them a preferred mode of social engagement.
A Tutorial on How to Use Instagram for your Business
"#" Hashtags
Tagging your photos with hashtags will enable them to be displayed public tag pages.