Facebook Follower Profile
Best Practices

A Follower Profile is a personal profile opened to the public that fans can FOLLOW.  Follower Profiles have both "Friends" and "Followers."  Your existing and new Friends receive all of your posts based on your privacy settings (family photos and all). Your Followers will only receive posts that you specify be shared to them.  When posting you have the option of posting for Friends only, or for Followers as well as Friends.​

Facebook Follower Profile Rules
On a Follower Profile you are encouraged to share personal content that you feel comfortable sharing with your public fan base. Examples include things you like as a person (e.g. Music via Spotify, Movies you watch, Books on your Amazon List, Food recipes from your favorite blog, Restaurants you recently enjoyed, etc). These posts will round out you as a person, define your brand and help you become a more important tastemaker.
This is a personal profile so the bulk of posting should come directly from you, rather than from a manager, production company or digital agency.
Use It
The metrics show users will interact with content posted to a Follower Profile 6 times more than content posted on a Facebook Page. Facebook prioritizes Follower Profile content over Facebook Page content in the everyone’s wall feeds.
Best Practices
This is the good stuff from your Instagram photos, or personal videos that is behind the scenes...
Comments can be made on any type of post. On a wall post, status update, photos, photo albums,...