Facebook Page
Best Practices
A Facebook Page gives a voice to any brand, business or organization to join the conversation with Facebook users.​
Facebook Page Rules
Innovate Your Cover Photo
There are countless ways to structure your Facebook timeline using the cover photo feature. The dimensions for cover photos are 851 x 315 with the profile picture thumbnail protruding into the bottom left of the cover photo. Use this unique layout to represent your brand in innovative ways.
Post 4-7 Times Per Week
Posting to Facebook around once per day will allow your fans to interact with relevant, up to date content and share your content with friends. Fan interactions on Facebook function as free advertising for your brand. Each "Like," comment and post is being shared within a user's network.
Listen To Your Audience
Read your fans’ comments on your posts, like, and comment back as much as you would like throughout the week. Liking and commenting back on posts shows your audience that you are listening and valuing their interactions. You will also learn a thing or two about your fans by reading their thoughts in their own words.
Keep Post Length Between 1 and 80 Characters
Shorter posts have increased engagement. 27% higher engagement was seen for posts between 1 and 80 characters.
Post “Personal” Posts No Less Than 3 Times Per Week
On Facebook, there is less of a need for personal interactions between the brand and the fan and therefore a higher rate of promotional posts are acceptable. However, you do not want to alienate your fans by making your Facebook presence completely impersonal.
Post Video Once Per Week While Campaigning
Keep your fans engaged at the times when producing quality content is the easiest. Whether you are on a tour, recording an album, or simply marketing for your brand, your entire team should be dedicated to producing and sharing quality video content.
Post Photo Twice Per Week
Inspire genuine engagement through genuine content. Update your Facebook presence bi-weekly with new photos of your brand. Capture your brand in the wild, in its element, and interacting with fans to promote sustained and valuable digital relationships.
Post Full-Length URLs
This rule applies specifically to Facebook. Posts with full URLs have 27% higher engagement than posts with shortened URLs. Full URLs contain data that shortened ones conceal. Fans like to know where they will be routed to before clicking off of Facebook.
Posts are Favored Mid-Week From 1-4PM
This stat is segmented by day and time of activity. Posts on Facebook have the highest engagement at 3PM on Wednesdays.
Pair Campaigns With Relevant Cycles
It is vital for marketing campaigns on Facebook to be consistent with the industry cycle your brand is currently in. For example your brand must appropriately distinguish between a product release campaign and a fan re-engagement campaign, and run either when appropriate.
Keep Language Style Consistent Across all Posts
Promotional posts need to have continuity with the language used for personal status updates. Even when a third party is posting on behalf of a brand, it is important for the third party to match the voice and verbal styling of the brand being represented.
Geo-Target When Applicable
Keep in mind that all of your posts may not be relevant to all of your fans. Make sure that when your are posting information regarding a location-specific event or appearance that your Facebook post is targeted to only reach fans within that geographical area.
Spark Fan Engagement With Questions
Questions are a great way to engage your fans if your Facebook interactions are down. Posts that request user responses have significantly higher engagement metrics than posts with statements. Also, questions that appear at the end of a post are 15% more likely to be responded to.
Analyze Insights
Facebook insights allow your brand to objectively view and evaluate audiences and posts on Facebook. Take note of your posts with the highest engagement and structure your posts in a similar format for continued success.
Become a Trend
Facebook recently brought a new feature that is very similar to Twitter's 'Trending Topics.' Called 'Trending Pages' instead, this new feature is displayed on the side of your page and allows you to see what is currently trending on Facebook. Each links out to several posts discussing the topic.
Facebook Pages for Your Company
Comments can be made on any type of post. On a wall post, status update, photos, photo albums,...