Best Practices

BandPage is the most popular tool for musicians on Facebook. The advanced tools offered by BandPage are simple and robust, offering inclusive solutions for self-made and big-name musicians. BandPage gives users industry-leading interaction tools that help promote and foster good relationships with fans. The goal of BandPage is to enable bands and musicians to easily create a professional-grade Facebook fan page via a simple and intuitive process. BandPage is the ideal platform to host fan interactions on Facebook. The versatile platform acts as a custom promotional portal, facilitating incentivized and organic fan interactions.​

Free Features

Music player, video streaming, live Twitter feed, touring schedule, integrated photos from Facebook, downloadable tracks, purchase links, biography and contact panes, integrated Facebook wall, customizable visual branding

Plus Features

Extended visual customization options, extended action for media engagement

BandPage Rules
Make BandPage Your Top App
Facebook Timeline for brands makes things less immediate by forcing fans to click into BandPage to launch the interface. Engage potential and existing fans on facebook as immediately as possible by making bandpage your most prominent Facebook App.
Gate Fan Content
Use BandPage Pro to gate free downloads straight from your Facebook page. Release exclusive content exclusively to your Facebook fans through BandPage and organically gain new “likes.”
Design Interactive Headers
BandPage allows admins to design clickable, interactive headers for promotional purposes. Use your Facebook page to drive valuable traffic to your current promotion, or promote user conversion by suggesting the potential fans “like” your page.
Post Rich Media Content
Posts with rich media content: photo, video, links, etc carry 3-4 times higher engagement than posts without rich media. Take advantage of your fans’ desire to interact with content on your BandPage by posting rich media to your page.
Sync Live Events to BandPage
Set up your brand on Bandsintown or Songkick and sync your tour feed to BandPage. Your brand will see more social ROI by making your live performance schedule readily available to fans.
Connect to Twitter
Connect BandPage to your Twitter account. Fans will be able to read and interact with your Twitter feed directly from your Facebook BandPage.
Re-Engage Fans with Simple Campaigns
Once you master the finer details of BandPage, use the platform as a tool for re-engagement with simple commenting and sharing campaigns. Encourage fans to post on your bandpage wall so posts shared to their friends will link back to your BandPage.
Link Social Navigation to BandPage
Facebook allows you to externally link straight to BandPage by using custom URLs from the app. The URL for your brand will be Link straight to your Facebook BandPage for your website, SoundCloud, tweets, blog post, etc. This will increase fan engagement on BandPage and allow your brand to control landing page content and interactions.
A Basic BandPage Tutorial
BandPage Extensions
Advanced widgets that are made to fit perfectly on your website. This allows your content to be...