Successful Retargeting Campaigns

​Retargeting campaigns are becoming a popular marketing tactic used by many companies in attempt to target specific audiences. The practice of presenting users with specific advertisements based on exhibited prior interest on a website is what retargeting is all about. In order to maximize customer-user experience on the web, retargeting allows for the user to be actively reminded of and connected to the site which they are using.  There are certain marketing techniques used to create effective retargeting campaigns in order to ensure that the user is not overwhelmed or neglected by the companies which they exhibit interest for.

When running a retargeting campaign, there are certain guidelines that should be followed.  One practice to keep in mind is the use of  frequency caps on the advertisements. Successful retargeting campaigns do not want the user to feel overwhelmed by the amount of advertisements targeted towards them. Frequency caps will allow for an appropriate amount of targeted ads to be sent to the consumer without overwhelming them. Being exposed to the same advertisements repetitively can frustrate customers and deter them from the product or company. In order to control for this, the company uses a burn code, which helps previous customers receive new advertisements and prevents repetition of previously received advertisements. Customer who have purchased items  buys from a company will be more effectively targeted if shown new products, rather than showing them products which they have recently purchased. This is where the burn code comes into play and essentially “burns” the old campaign and provides consumers them with new campaigns.  

 Audience segmentation then allows for customers to become actively engaged in the company by providing them with interesting and relevant ads.  This part of the process brings about major brand awareness to the customer. Targeting places the right kind of brand awareness in front of the right kind of people. The campaign is essentially serving only the ads that are relevant to the individual user instead of a general audience.  Interestingly,  the setting view through conversion windows is not the immediate effects, but its influence on later purchases made by the users.  It is also important when starting a retargeting campaign to use a single provider to see which campaign actually performed better and which campaign is most effective.  

Launching the same campaign for months on end may cause the campaign to lose effectiveness.  Creatives should be rotated with simple A/B tests that will make the optimal combination of ad copy, calls-to-action, and graphics.  Optimizing creatives includes banner ads with simple designs that are well recognizable.  It is important to focus on key marketing principles and understand the audience you are dealing with.  Retargeting campaigns should make sure not to show too many impressions, neglect creativity, retarget current customers, use multiple providers at the same time, fail to measure success, or fail to segment! Each user should be catered to individually with personalized and engaging new ads.