Pinterest: The New and Improved Version

​With social media websites consistently gathering information on your personal interests, to beat out the competition for your attention, many sites are creating updates to better suit your preferences.  Pinterest has gone all out with their improvements and have been making numerous updates to their site, including Rich Pins, Place Pins, GIFs, and even a Personalized Home Page. 

With Rich Pins, businesses are now able to include prices of their products right on the pin, instead of us users having to go offsite, which generally has always been such a bother.  This improvement has definitely made shopping so much more convenient and trustworthy since it is still linked with Pinterest.

Place Pins are making Pinterest appear much more adventurous.  Users can now include a location for each pin, which always leads to inspiring stories!

GIFs have been taking over social media and I’m so excited to see Pinterest including the use of GIFs on its site.  Like I said, having to go offsite has always made me lose interest in the pin, so now that GIFs can be played on the actual site, I definitely see Pinterest becoming much more entertaining. 

Pinterest has now begun a Personalized Home Page for a select group of users.  With the Personalized Home Page, users are now able to have their Home Page specially tailored to their interests.  Pins that you don’t follow can now appear on your page if it is similar enough to your repins.  Each pin will vary in size, depending on how similar it is to your pins, which will now add a bit more character on your home page!  This feature is just like a recommendations page, which is always helpful when wanting to expand your page.

These useful, new updates have made Pinterest so much more user-friendly and definitely keeps the user’s interests in mind.  Every user should definitely take advantage of these new features!