Facebook Graph Search: How You Can Use It As a Marketer

​Facebook’s Graph Search is pretty powerful. When it first came onto the social media scene about a year go, we were all a bit creeped out (to say the least) about this new enhanced feature. It has the ability to get down to minute details about Facebook users. You are able to set privacy settings, but that will only get you so far! Your friends are still able to search for your specific interests, where you’ve been lately, what you have been listening to, the list goes on. 

However, this information. although a bit invasive is extremely beneficial for marketers. Marketers can utilize the graph search feature to identify fans, learn about their interests/hobbies, identify interests of competitors’ fans, potential business partnerships and more. 

Social Media Examiner breaks it down into 17 useful stepshere. Read up, and use this powerful tool!