Beats Music Acquires Topspin

​In January of this year Beats Electronics launched Beats Music, an online music streaming service designed to curate music for listeners through a variety of sources including algorithm, professional and user input. As of March 4, 2014, Beats Music has announced its acquisition of Topspin Media. Topspin, launched in June of 2007, is an online application that provides direct-to-consumer merchandising and marketing for musicians and other creative professionals. In yesterday’s blog post, Beats Music announced its deal to acquire Topspin and its plans for the future to combine “music discovery and direct relationships between artists and fans in a revolutionary way.” Topspin noted in its blog announcementthat customers will experience no immediate changes, and that a Beats Music team is now working in Topspin’s ArtistLink to “lead the industry in empowering artists in their service.” This deal was spearheaded by previous Topspin CEO and current CEO of Beats Music, Ian C. Rogers. A veteran in the digital marketing world, Rogers noted his excitement in integrating Topspin with Beats Music to create his “unique vision” that is the future of music streaming and artist/fan interaction.